Before I arrived at Vistarus I stayed in Johannesburg with my wife Teresa and our daughter Faith. Our life and lifestyle was good, we both had good jobs with a steady income until we started doing the drug called “CAT”.

In the beginning we thought we had it under control but that was a lie from the devil. As life went on we started using more and more (well me at least).

I convinced myself and my wife that this is only a recreational drug habit, until things started spiralling out of control. I started using drugs at work (pick me upper) as I had been snarfing the whole weekend.

That was only the start of a bad addiction to drugs, pornography and everything that goes along with that.

I was in and out of jobs (Good jobs) and sitting as long as 3 years without work, but that did not deter me from using. My wife was still working, she had a fantastic job at Vodacom centre management at Vodaworld Midrand. Suprise, suprise after over 5 years of service things in that department also spiraled out of control.

But this time I had become the master manipulator, once again convincing her everything will be ok. To cut a long story short we moved into a one bedroom garden cottage with my mom.
Then a breakthrough!!! I was offered a job through a friend that had worked at a company did CCTV camera’s and Solar heating which I had experience in.

All is well, so we sold our car and belongings, got on a train and moved to PE. Everything was arranged, a house and a job. At that stage we were excited and scared.

We had left everything we knew family, friends and moved into the unknown. We arrived in Port Elizabeth at 8pm ready to phone the contact that was going to fetch us in the middle of town (Bad area) and take us to the hotel, this never happened, the phone number did not exist anymore. We were stranded luggage and all. So I flagged down a taxi which took us to the hotel, to our horror it was the red lion hotel (Dark dingy) we were scared. So we checked in with the money left in my pocket thinking it will be a holiday before I start work.
There was no work and the money run out.

We were told about Vistarus so we walked in on a Saturday and was asked to come back later in the day as there was no space for us. So later that day we returned and was told by Oom Kobus that we could stay. We thank the Lord.

It was certainly not the ideal situation but we had a roof over our heads and food to eat. We were certain that within three months we would find work. My wife found work and I started working at the plastic plant were I have now been a leader for two years. Everything seemed ok until I nearly lost my family, I went onto my knees one night and spoke to God, Saying Lord please don’t let my family be stolen from me.

It was a miracle. It took time for my wife to trust me again but I became a man of honour doing various courses through Vistarus. We have matured and grown in our Lord.

Recently we bought a car and our daughter got enrolled into Harvest Christian School, both the above a miracle. We continue to grow in love, patients, kindness and certainly thankfulness of what the Lord has done and continue to do. Vistarus, Uncle Kobus, Aunty Lynette and Oom Hannes believed in us (Me) like I have never experienced before. If it wasn’t for Vistarus I don’t know where we would be. THANK YOU

To anyone reading this GOD is good and he can carry you through any situation, all you have to do is BELIEVE, TRUST and have FAITH.

God Bless

Jason Nicodemi - Age 39
The truth……. what is the truth? The truth is i didn’t grow up poor or lacking a good education. I had loving parents whom despite there own faults did the best they could in raising me. I was never forced into anything that I didn’t choose to do myself, the blame for my actions rests solely on myself.

The truth is I started experimenting with drugs at the age of 18 because I chose to do so. From as far back as I can remember I was always searching for the answer to the question… Who am I? What is my purpose? Where do I belong? These questions took me down a road that I find hard to explain. I can tell you a thousand stories of where my selfish nature took me, stories of fun, drugs, sex and music. Stories of doing what I wanted when I wanted without any regard of anyones feelings but my own, stories of pain and suffering to the worst degree, but I wont….. That is not important now. I have taken every drug on the planet from LSD, Ecstasy, Meth, Pyoti to DMT, the one that finally broke me was lady Heroine.

I travelled all over the world in search of the answers to my questions from New York to London, Germany, Japan and China seeking mystical answers to who I am. While taking the next hit of the next better drug to induce some state of spirituality, that seemed to stay out of reach. The more clever I thought I became the more in truth, lost I became. Till finally I was on my knees in 2010 ending up at Vistarus Mission Station. I thought it was the end but in truth it was the beginning to all that I have searched for.

At Vistarus they taught me that the truth isn’t a far of concept, its been inside me and all around me this whole time. They taught me the truth about God and His Son Jesus who choose to die for a lost sinner like me. The truth is, it took time to change, it was hard, harder than anything I have ever done before……, but it was worth it ! I have found the answers to the questions I have been looking for. I know who I am now….. a Son of the most Highest God. Saved and redeemed by the blood of Jesus. I have purpose I have a destiny in Him who guides my path in truth and absolute purpose. I have chosen to dedicate my life in showing others the path of truth in Jesus Christ who was and is and will forever be. Through Christ there is meaning, there is life and is the greatest honour of my life to walk this path of sanctification and showing others “The Way”.

This is the truth…. This is my life. My name is Arno Bester a son of the True Living God and a follower of Jesus Christ.

Arno Bester - Age 29

My storie klink so:
Nou wat die die brief tik speel my lewe soos n rolprent voor my af. Ek sal dit maar kort hou want daar was te veel wat in my lewe gebeur het. Ek was 13 jaar oud toe my ouers geskei is. Ek en my ma het in n een slaapkamer gebly want daar was nie geld nie, sy het maar goed gemaak dan het ek dit naskool gaan verkoop om geld in te kry. Ek het vriende gemaak, hulle was baie ouer as ek en om in te pas het ek begin rook en drink saam hulle. Dit was eers naweke en toe in die week, dit het so aangegaan totdat ek klaar was met skool. Ek het begin werk en n aanbag as sweiser begin doen met die wat ek nou my eie geld verdien het, het ek meer begin drink sodat ek uit die werk begin bly het. Ek het so gedrink dat ek my werk verloor het en was in en uit werk, ek het my eie besigheid begin, dit het goed gegaan behalwe dat ek meer en meer begin drink het. Ek het als verloor selfs my familie en daar was ek op straat, 44 jaar oud en niks om daarvoor te wys nie.

Ek was twee weke op straat voordat iemand my vertel het van Vistarus, ek het my trots in my sak gesteek en om hulp gaan vra. Kobus hulle het nie twee keer gedink om my te help nie. Dit was eers moeilik met al hulle reels maar ek het die program voltooi, my self respek terug gekry en meer begin begin leer oor God. Op die 9de Maart 2012 het ek my knee gebuig voor God en my lewe het verander, e kon mense weer in die oe kyk en het myself laat groot doop op die 14de April 2012.

Vandag is ek deel van Vistarus se bestuur en trots daarop.

Die een ry voetspore is God wat my dra. Ek bedank God vir sy genade en Vistarus. In Junie sal ek 6 jaar skoon wees van drank.

My vraag is het jy al jou knee gebuig voor God.

Hannes Strydom - Age 50