We give hope when all is lost

Providing a safe haven for homeless, impoverished and addicted people of all races in order to reintegrate them into society

About Us

Our goal at Vistarus is to uplift the community with reference to the spreading of the gospel of Jesus Christ, teaching of life skills, and putting dignity back into the lives of the homeless. We provide a safe environment by identifying their needs through counselling and support.

What we do

We help people who are totally destitute, former drug addicts, abused women and children, people affected by HIV/Aids as well as those that just have nowhere else to go, to return to the society. This includes:

  • Getting them involved in one of our job creation on projects
  • Life skill courses (improving life skills)
  • Rebuilding self confidence and self image
  • One on One counselling and group classes
  • Providing all necessities, such as food, clothing, toiletries for free
  • Creating a safe warm and homely atmosphere for parents and children
  • Providing a safe daycare environment for our children
  • Subsidising accommodation once successfully through program and sure of a permanent job
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